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Depron Foam High Quality 830mm x 1000mm x T3mm DF3830

Depron Foam High Quality 830mm x 1000mm x T3mm DF3830

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SKU: DF3830
Weight: 160 grams
Stock: Stock available

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Depron Foam High Quality W830mm x L1000mm x T3mm DF3830



Depron foam is most suitable to use for DIY RC planes, easy to cut and trimmed by a hand knife or paper blade. It is also best for die-cutting or embossing work.

Foam board consists of an extruded PS foam core where as forming PS sheet extruder set which take GPPS as raw material injects Incurring agent with high pressure. Extruded PS sheet is widely used in a various industries including insulation, construction, packaging, food container/tray. After the flat links and links knitting machine foams, flattens and Binds again, it to be produced to top grade boards. After installed with PS laminating and coating machine, is designed to laminate paper & coat film onto the surface of expanded PS sheet to improve.

As it is durable, stiffness, waterproof, glossy and ultra-smooth surface, it can become the top-grade boards like advertising, graphics, arts & crafts and educational or manufacturing process materials.

It is excellent for mounting with all adhesive, screen printing and fabrication. It has an extremely lightweight, stiffness and smoothness. Make up of elastic and closed cell. It would be the most ideal material for direct silkscreen ink printing, picture framing, model making, photo mounting and making POP signs, exhibit displays, graphic arts and so on.

Width : 830mm

Thickness : 3mm
Length : 1000mm 

Note : Cash on delivery available only at our shop, cannot send by post due to the depron foam is fragile item.

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