Caddx Walnut FPV Action Camera 4K/60fps Gyroflow IP64 60g WN-Walnut


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Caddx Walnut FPV Action Camera 4K/60fps Gyroflow IP64 60g WN-Walnut

The Caddx FPV Walnut Action Camera features 4k/60fps picture quality, IP64 waterproof rating, and gyroflow for stabilization This impact-resistant camera weighs only 60g, and ND8 and ND16 Filters are included.

1. The highest 4K/60fps high-definition picture quality, the bit rate can reach 100mbps.
2. The weight is only 63.4g
Only less than half the weight of a gopro.
3. Magnetic charging
a. Compared with most action cameras, many of them are powered by plugging in the usb cable or plugging in the terminal, which is more inconvenient. Walnut uses a magnetic charging module to make charging more convenient. Using four powerful magnets, it will not fall off even under large maneuvering and high overload conditions.
b. Use while charging, unlimited battery life. Even if the camera runs out of power, as long as the magnetic charging module is connected, it can start recording immediately.
c. The magnetic holder can also be connected to the usb cable to export video data without a card reader
4. The fuselage comes with a battery
Compared with the products of friends, even if the magnetic connection seat falls off the camera due to the fried machine, the recording will not stop due to the built-in battery.
5. Using screw-type fixed filter
More stable than magnetic fixed filters. The filter comes with a waterproof ring, no fear of wind and rain.
6. One-key start-up recording by remote control
a. After passing the bf series of settings, the camera will be turned on when the aircraft is powered on, no need to press the power button again.
b. The camera can be recorded with one key through the remote control channel.
7. Gyroflow can be used for post stabilization
a. Recording will generate gyroscope data at the same time.
b. With the latest version of gyroflow, there is no need to manually select the lens profile. Importing the video into the software will automatically match the lens profile and synchronize the gyroscope.
8. The shell is very hard, and the interior adopts a soft rubber connection design to buffer the impact force, making it more impact-resistant.
9. Standard includes ND8 and ND16 filters, as well as mounting brackets.

Model : Caddx Walnut
Image Sensor : 1/2.3inch HDR Sensor
Main Resolution : 4K/60fps,4K/30fps(4/3),2.7K/60fps,2.7K/30fps(4/3), 1440P/60fps,1080p/120fps.
Dimension : 38mm*36mm
Weight : 60g
FOV : 150”
Video File Format : MP4
Audio : Support
Wifi : Support
Camera Bitrate : Max 100M Bitrate
EIS : Gyroflow Supported
Video Encode : H264/H265
Image Rotate : Support
Recording Time : 4K/60fps (30min)
Battery Capacity : 600mA
Waterproof : IP64
Power Input : Type-C ,2s-6s BEC,Magnet
SD Card : Max 256G

1x Caddx Walnut FPV Action Camera
1x Adjustable Camera Mount
1x Charging Cable
1x Thumb Screw
1x Camera Case
1x ND16 Filter
1x Lens Cloth
1x ND8 Filter
1x Cable Set

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 cm


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