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RCHOPEZ was founded in 2012 ,located in Taiping ,Perak. The first RC shop in Taiping that specialize in RC helicopters.

My interest in RC helicopters started since  I was  a kid. Since then I grew my interest in helicopters and its mechanics of flying.

I strongly believe that Safe flying of RC helicopters is the most important rule when flying. With great patience, practice and concentration there is many one can achieve in flying RC helicopters.

At RCHOPEZ we strive to achieve the best possible service to our customers. With great passion towards RC helicopters to educate and to be able to provide more competitive price to all.

RC has brought many great things in live to us at RCHopez. Hopping that it will bring as much pleasure and excitement to our customers as we have.

We hope that with us at RCHOPEZ we are able to bring the same kind of excitement to our customers as we have personally experience with no limitation in age or gender. We believe that there is always something for everyone at our shop.

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone from RC taiping group for their support at RCHOPEZ.

For those at Taiping feel free to join us every Saturday and Sunday. Provide teaching to whoever that is interested in learning RC Helicopters. Beginners are not encourage to start of with 6 channel helicopters. Feel free to drop by our shop or email us if there is any enquiries.